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Opportunity for All

Arizona cannot live up to our founding values if we fail to protect the rights of the most vulnerable among us. Rights of women, our LGBTQ neighbors, people of color, and religious minorities are Human Rights. We must act to guarantee equality.

Trust Through Truth

Our political discourse is plagued by misinformation, partisan bias, and fake news. Public officials must take a stand for truth to build trust! That’s why I’ve taken the Pro-Truth Pledge. I pledge to promote truth as a core value of my campaign.

United Communities

We are more divided now than ever, but there is cause for hope. On the issues that matter most, the overwhelming majority of Americans agree. My campaign will build across lines of difference to promote unity in Arizona. We are stronger together!

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About Johnny

Johnny Martin moved to Arizona with his family in 2005. The Martin family began their move to Mesa in 2008 after the 2008 housing crisis that cost them their West Valley home.

Being a proud product of public schools and a student at Arizona State University, Johnny believes that access to a quality education is a right for all Arizona children.

Martin has worked as an organizer for causes like “Save Our Schools”, DACA/DAPA, and is an advocate for criminal justice reform, racial equality, and the rights of LGBTQ Arizonans. Johnny founded “Sun Devils are Better Together”, the first interfaith student organization at America’s largest university. He serves on the board of directors for the Arizona Interfaith Movement, the Arizona Faith Network, and on the North American leadership council for the global United Religions Initiative. 

I signed the Pro-Truth Pledge: 
Please hold me accountable.

Keep LD 25 honest by demanding that all state House candidates take the Pro-Truth Pledge.

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